Technology Partners

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At EverBlue, we are on a constant search for the best natural, sustainable technologies for solving lake problems and restoring lake ecosystems. We are proud to work with the following partners to implement the most advanced technologies for restoring lakes in the World.


In 2016, we formed a “sister” company AerationTech™ to drive innovation of aeration technologies and expand our market reach into waste water, aquaculture and canal restoration. Visit AerationTech

PureAg, LLC

PureAg is a leader in developing organic solutions for soil and water restoration. In 2016, EverBlue teamed up with PureAg to develop our proprietary BioBlast™ process. Visit PureAG

Acqua & Co

Acqua & Co is a world leader in mixing and aeration technology. EverBlue is proud to be the lead distributor for Acqua & Co. Technology in North America. Through our partner company AerationTech, we have deployed dozens of AirStream Pro circulation and jet aeration units in canals, channels, aquaculture and wastewater applications. Visit Acqua & Co


bubbleTech is leading the way in microbubble technology to improve aeration efficiency and effectiveness. EverBlue is proud to be the exclusive distributor for bubbleTECH products in North America. We are using bubbleTech’s Airprax technology in to develop a breakthrough improvement in shallow water aeration efficiency. Visit bubbleTech

Lake Weeders Digest

If you are looking to improve your beach, shoreline and swim area there is only one choice… Lake Weeders Digest. From rakes to cutters to water movers and everything in-between, Lake Weeders Digest does it all. Visit Weeders Digest

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