Chemicals Are Not The Answer

It’s your lake, your choice and your legacy. Choose Natural over Chemical. Choose EverBlue Lakes for a clean, clear, naturally healthy lake today and for generations to come.

Chemicals kill, but they leave your lake worse off each year. Chemically killed plants and algae fall to the bottom, immediately fertilizing the next cycle of lake-choking growth.

EverBlue Lakes is the natural alternative to chemical treatment. We deploy cutting edge technologies to clean lakes of the fertilizers and pollutants that cause weed, algae and muck problems.

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Four Steps to a Cleaner Lake and Better Lake Living

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EverBlue guides you and your community, step-by-step from the first meeting to implementation.

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Enjoy a naturally clean lake and join dozens of communities across the United States in restoring our precious lakes.

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EverBlue Lakes in the Spotlight

Indian Lake

“The increase in water clarity was amazing. Phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia were significantly reduced. Water milfoil, weeds and toxic blue-green algae were starting to disappear”

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Lake Heritage, MI

Coming Soon!

Lake Tyrone, MI

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The EverBlue Promise

I started EverBlue Lakes as Lake Savers, LLC more than 10 years ago to rescue my own lake from invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil, Harmful Blue Green Algae and increasing layers of muck.

We promise to deliver cutting-edge Natural Technologies backed by sound science and an unwavering commitment of service to keep your lake clean, healthy and chemical-free.

We will care for your lake like it is our lake. Our mission is to save lakes…whatever it takes.

John Tucci
President & Founder
EverBlue Lakes