Our Story

The Birth of EverBlue Lakes

BY: John Tucci – President, EverBlue Lakes.

In 1999 my wife and I bought a small cottage on a nice 165 acre lake in Michigan. I grew up on Androscoggin Lake in Wayne, Maine and I wanted to share that experience and my deep love of lakes with our daughter.

When we purchased the property, the water was clear, the surface clean, and there was a nice gravel bottom off of our shoreline. Right around that time, Eurasian Water Milfoil invaded our lake. Within a season, the milfoil had taken over large sections of the lake.

Our Lake Association knew we had to take immediate action. We hired experts and did what we were told. We initiated an aggressive herbicide program for the lake. At first, the program was successful. We got the milfoil under control. We thought the problem was solved. We were wrong.

By 2003 my wife and I finally moved to the lake after restoring the cottage. We couldn’t wait to enjoy the lake. Unfortunately, on our daughter’s first swim in the lake, we discovered that our once nice gravel-bottom shoreline was now plagued by over a foot of black, smelly, greasy muck. Her bathing suit was so black after a few minutes in the water that my wife pulled her out and immediately took her up to the house for a bath. We had to throw her bathing suit away.

Needless to say, this was heart-wrenching. We had just spent lots of money purchasing this property and lots of time, effort and money rebuilding the cottage. After all of that, we couldn’t even go for a swim in the lake where just four years prior we had a clean gravel bottom and clear water. I started to project what the lake might look like in 5-10 years. I realized that our lake property would not be the legacy I had planned on passing on to my children and their children. I had to do something about it.

I discovered that the invasive over-growth of milfoil and our well-intentioned herbicide program to control the problem was actually causing the rapid accumulation of organic muck and deteriorating water quality in our lake.

My research led me to develop and integrate the world’s most effective all-natural biotechnologies that stop, reverse, and repair nutrient overloading. In 10 years, we turned one lake homeowners frustration and dismay into the leading Natural Lake Restoration in the Country.

We’ve been in your shoes…we are still in your shoes. We will work as hard at restoring your lake as we did on my own lake. We save lakes. It’s what we do. It’s that simple.