Bacteria Treatment

Beneficial Bacteria are nature’s best cleaners.

Bacteria and Enzyme potions, pellets and powders have been around for decades. Good for small ponds. But dropping pre-packed biologics in a large lake is both very costly and ineffective.

Our BioBlast Natural Bacteria Treatment™ is the revolutionary large-lake solution. You’ll never have to drop pre-formulated-off-the-shelf products into your lake again. Instead, our Bio-Blast Treatment will clean your lake with a freshly-brewed blend of hard-working microbes mixed with water from your lake. This more natural, proprietary, lake-friendly process has been shown to produce tens of thousands of gallons of treatment for the same cost of a few hundred pounds of pre-formulated products.

EverBlue’s BioBlast Natural Bacteria Treatment™ – Easy, Efficient and Affordable

  • Off-the-shelf – okay for ponds not for lakes: Off-the-shelf bacteria potions, powders and pellets can work in small ponds, but are labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive when used to treat large lakes.
  • Save money. EverBlue has solved the problem of scaling Biological Treatment for Large Lakes. Get tens of thousands of gallons of natural biological treatment for the cost of a few hundred pounds of freeze-dried pellets or powders.
  • Keep nature natural: The combination of natural technologies like AerForce Aeration Technology and our exclusive BioBlast Treatment is the fastest, most effective way to keep your lake clean the way nature intended – free of harmful chemicals that do more damage than good.

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