Our solution to muck, weeds, and algae is unlike the typical, toxic, and short-term promises offered by dredging and chemical dumping. Our process ensures whole lake health for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. So, how does it work?

  • Revive We get your lake “breathing” again through aeration technology. 
  • Repair We introduce non-toxic, beneficial bacteria that start working on the muck. 
  • Protect We prevent nutrients from entering the lake with in-lake filtration.
  • Sustain  Our full service management program ensures immediate and continuous results. 

We are proud to provide a risk-free, performance-based management program that puts you in control of your lake’s health — at an affordable cost. Let’s dig more into each step of this 4-part process:


Lake bottom aeration duplicates and accelerates nature’s own mechanisms for oxygenating the water and the muck at the lake bottom.

Compressors on the shore deliver air to specially designed diffusers that produce a powerful column of micron-sized bubbles to gently and continuously lift the “dead” water from the bottom to the surface where it becomes fully saturated with oxygen. Then, this oxygen-rich water travels back down to the bottom, restoring oxygen to the suffocating lake. By oxygenating the entire lake, starting with the lake bottom, we restart a powerful and beneficial chain reaction that increases the lake’s restorative cleaning process. Our lake aeration technology: 

  • Increases beneficial (aerobic) bacteria and microorganisms on the lake-bottom which consume organic muck. Reductions of one foot per season are typical.
  • Increases larvae and insects which feed aquatic life. This means bigger, healthier and more abundant fish!
  • Reduces phosphorus and nitrogen. Aeration is 20x more efficient than other types of treatments: 30% to 50% reductions in one season are common.
  • Kills anaerobic and pathogenic bacteria thereby keeping the lake safe for you and your children.


Once your lake is oxygenated, it sets the stage for nature’s best cleaners (diatoms) and muck digesters (aerobic bacteria) to go to work. Diatoms and good bacteria powerfully consume the excess nutrients in the water. Combined with aeration, our powerful, non-toxic biological augmentation products will bring your lake back to life with billions of beneficial organisms that form the base of a healthy and thriving food chain. 

We use our own BioBlast to repair your lake! Bacteria and enzyme potions, pellets and powders have been around for decades. These are good for small ponds, but dropping pre-packed biologics in a large lake is both very costly and ineffective. Our BioBlast Natural Bacteria Treatment™ is the revolutionary large-lake solution that cleans your lake with a freshly-brewed blend of hard-working microbes mixed with water from your lake. This more natural, proprietary, lake-friendly process has been shown to produce tens of thousands of gallons of treatment for the same cost of a few hundred pounds of pre-formulated products. 


We put you in charge of the nutrients entering your lake without having to rely on changes in official watershed management policy. While it can take decades to implement a comprehensive watershed management program, there are simple, common sense steps that every lake community can take to protect the lake from incoming nutrients.   In nature, the watershed is protected by wetlands that trap incoming nutrients and convert them into beneficial microorganisms.

Due to development and land use, many lakes no longer have working wetlands or have lost their natural ability to filter the nutrients that cause muck, weeds, and algae.  EverBlue Lakes implements Smart Watershed Management techniques like nutrient filtration socks and barriers to:

  • Slow down flowing water 

  • Drop sediment to the bottom and,

  • Filter pollutants as the water passes through.

Best of all – these are very cost-effective lake renewal technologies. They can be installed quickly and they work both on their own, or as part of a comprehensive lake renewal strategy.


You might think that our job is done when weeds, algae and muck start to disappear, but we don’t just install our system and leave! We make sure it continues to produce maximum results year after year. Here’s how our full service management program delivers immediate and continuous nutrient reduction that keeps your lake healthy: 

  • We Invest. We make the upfront capital investment and annualize the cost of the program for the customer. We do this to help lake communities immediately start restoring their lakes. In most cases, restoring your lake will cost as little as $2 per day per property owner.
  • We Maintain. We maintain our technology so that it monitors weed, algae, and muck reduction over the long term. We perform water quality analysis as needed. We guarantee our equipment operates in as-new condition for the life of the program.
  • We Perform. We don’t get paid unless our system performs: It’s that simple. Our financial agreements are based on our ability to deliver measurable weed, algae, and muck reduction. Period.
  • We Engage. We stay engaged with the community and provide on-going education and consultation to stay on top of emerging threats to your lake.

EverBlue Lakes has helped to restore over more than 50,000 acres of lakes. Now that you have a better understanding of our proven, long-term solution to restoring failing lake ecosystems for good- Order your free water testing kit today!

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