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Sherman Lake – EverBlue since 2013

John Tucci, President & Founder

I founded Lake Savers in 2007. After watching my own lake deteriorate due to Eurasian Water Milfoil and a failed multi-year herbicide program, I was determined to find a better way. Not satisfied with the lack of answers coming from the “Lake Management” industry, I began an intensive search for natural technologies that work and a determination to save lakes, whatever it takes.

I came to the realization that conventional approaches to lake management including herbicides, harvesting and dredging are not sustainable and can even be detrimental to the long-term health and recreational quality of a lake.

Prior to forming Lake Savers, I was a Senior Leadership Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies and equity owner of Leap Technologies, Inc. This experience has proven to be invaluable in quickly establishing Lake Savers as a leader in the field of Lake Restoration with an unmatched reputation for customer focus. I was born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut and graduated from Amherst College with a BA in Geology.

Jeff Connors, VP Sales and Marketing

I have a cottage on Lake Tyrone that was in a downward spiral of lake weed and algae problems and tons of muck. After a few years as lake association president (since 2012), I teamed up with a passionate lake resident to find a solution. After researching dredging, alum, harvesting and more chemicals where clearly not the long-term option. We soon found Lake-Savers, now EverBlue, and presented their Aeration Solution to our residents. To my surprise, our almost always divided residents on any topic or project were nearly 100% behind the project.

I was so personally impressed with the ongoing results that I joined EverBlue in the fall of 2017, just two short years after our lake’s installation. I left a growing vacation rental business in Mexico to make less money promoting and champing EverBlue and its Natural Technology Toolbox. I was at one of those points in my life where leaving a positive legacy on more lakes across the country was my motivating factor, and still is to this day. I like to say that I am “like the hair club for men guy”, but for natural lake solutions. I have a full head of hair, but that commercial reference is dating myself.

I have been VP of one companying, selling out to be President of my own company, selling it to become VP Sales and Marketing for a fortune 500 company of our division. My recent business in Mexico helping people have a great vacation to remember was fulfilling, but helping people make their lake a better place to live and pass down to their children will leave more of a lasting positive mark on this earth.

Khris Twigg – Director of Operations

Khris Twigg joined Lake Savers in 2010 as an installer on the Indian Lake Project. On the first day of the installation it was clear that Khris had what takes to become a permanent part of the Lake Savers Team: a love for lakes, hard work and getting the job done right!

Khris very quickly moved into a leadership position within Lake Savers, taking over responsibility for the maintenance and operations of our Lake Bottom Aeration Systems and specialized equipment in our largest Region. Khris is responsible for training all new technicians on the “EverBlue Whatever It Takes” approach to maintaining our systems and delivering satisfaction to our customers.

Most importantly, Khris is our lead fisheries field research specialist. Khris has perfected the “catch and release” method of making sure our EverBlue Lakes are sustaining a healthy, vibrant and productive fishery.

Jayme Longo – Director, Northeast Region

With a B.S. in Environmental Resource Management, Jayme Longo is one of the country’s leading authorities on Biological Control to save the Eastern Hemlock Forests from devastation by the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. You can learn more about Jayme’s efforts by visiting www.tree-savers.com.

As Director, Jayme has led Tree Savers to tremendous growth and operational excellence running one of the most innovative Hemlock Biological Control Laboratories in the country. Her management and leadership skills led to her promotion to Director of the EverBlue Northeast Region in 2017.

In her spare time Jayme likes to combine science and artistry to craft healing gemstone jewelry. She can be found at local holiday fairs or on her Etsy seller’s webpage.

Amanda Wisner M.S. Biology – Director, Lake Sciences

Amanda Wisner is the Director of Lake Sciences for Everblue Lakes. She holds a B.S. in Marine Biology from Millersville University and a M.S. in Environmental Management from UMUC.

Though Amanda has worked in a variety of positions in the field of aquatic biology, her primary interest is how human interactions with the environment affect aquatic ecosystems. Her research has taken her from Gloucester MA to the Bahamas to Esther Island Alaska where she was a fisheries technician for the propagation of salmon. In Richmond VA she worked as a consultant on the study of impingement and entrainment of power plants.

In 2007, Amanda returned to her home state of Pennsylvania and became an aquatic biologist for Ecoscientific Solutions LLC which was purchased in 2009 by Lake Savers, LLC. A majority of her work involves water testing, macrophyte and phytoplankton analysis, determining how human activities have affected a waterway, and then working with clients to convert that knowledge into an integrated management plan for the lake or water body.

Upon purchasing Ecoscientific Solutions and assessing Amanda’s capabilities and performance, John Tucci quickly promoted Amanda to Director of Lake Sciences for EverBlue Lakes.

Richard Bruce – Director of Operations, Southeast Region

Richard has over 25 years construction experience as a contractor, subcontractor, construction manager, and real estate developer. He has worked extensively in Illinois, Connecticut and Florida, as well as on two projects in the Bahamas. Richard has received formal training in Lean Process Design and Visual Management Practices and successfully implemented these structures both in the field and in fixed facilities.

Richard joined the Lake Savers team in 2009 to help analyze, install, and manage one of the first subsurface aeration systems of its kind in the state of Florida and since then has worked with the company on many of its large installations around the country. As a Florida resident for almost 20 years, he has witnessed first-hand the adverse effects that nutrient loading has had on Florida’s water bodies and decided to work to make a difference.

Jack Mosel, B.S. Earth Science, M.A.T. Earth Systems Science – Senior Restoration Consultant

We are attempting to achieve the audacious goal of ‘Re-Oligotrophication’ – a return of a water body to a pristine state. We dare to believe this is achievable if we look deeply into nature and the power of biomimicry. We won’t rest until we’ve uncovered the answers.

As head of research and development for Lake Savers, my job is to relentlessly pursue the world’s most effective all-natural technologies that restore lake health. I have been actively involved in seeking the most prudent and effective ways for restoring water-bodies from man-made degradation, for nearly 30 years.

Fred Lishman – Operations Team Leader Northeast Region

Fred Lishman keeps all of our Restoration Systems in the Northeast operating at peak efficiency. A graduate of the Environmental Program at Keystone College, Fred has a deep and abiding love of the great outdoors.

When not working on lakes, you can usually find him hunting or fishing or dreaming about hunting and fishing. In fact, fish tremble when Fred steps into a boat…

Kara Krasner

Kara is a lead technician and supervisor for the Tree-Savers lab in Pennsylvania and a Field Technician for EverBlue in the Summer. She has 6 years’ experience in operations management and 3 years’ experience in beetle production. Kara also attends conferences and participates in charitable events like the “Creek 5K” sponsored by Tree-Savers. In her spare time, Kara’s draws and paints while spending time with her adorable pup, Zeke.

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